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Multiplatform game development

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Multiplatform game development including online multiplayer games, we work with you from the initial idea to its publication, with testing, legalization and monetization.

How to order

With you in all phases of development

Our team will work with you in all phases of development, going through different specialists in video game design, artistic direction, technical development, quality assurance, marketing and publishing.



The first phase is working out the concept of the game, which will have a design document made for the rest of the team to work with; Development plan, resources needed and a time estimate are established in this phase.



Different aspects of the game begin their development, from the artistic components, like animations and illustrations, to the technical ones, such as coding and testing; Most of the time consumed on the project lies on this phase of the development.



After development wraps up, the legalization process of the product is done on the different distribution platforms, such as Steam, Google Play and the Apple App Store; This final phase of development involves a final testing process and marketing of the product.

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